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6 Reasons to Try Tasty Baked Chicken Recipes

Lately I've been looking around for healthy, easy-to-fix recipes for my family so that we can stay away from high-calorie, high-carb fast food.

In addition to being kinder to my wallet and better for my health, they also had be simple, quick and, most importantly, they had to be recipes our children would actually eat!

Our greatest success has come from baked chicken recipes.

Here are the reasons that baked chicken recipes tick all the boxes:

1. They are good for you

A low cholesterol meat, chicken is high in protein which means it is more filling. And baking the chicken is much healthier than breading and frying it.

Eating chicken dishes like these has been an excellent first step for my family to start eating a balanced diet. This is because it goes so well with a large variety of fresh foods, making it easier to incorporate vegetables into our meals.

2. They are quick to prepare

All of the baked chicken recipes we've tried can be made quickly, which is a huge help when you have to make dinner after a long day at work. In these recipes the ingredients are just baked together, so you can toss everything into a pot and let it cook.

Quick and effortless.

3. They can be altered in many ways -- and always taste good

We have an extremely picky eater in our youngest daughter, so we take care to try to prepare meals that will please her. We don't want to start the habit of preparing separate meals for every person in the family It is very important to us for the family to all eat the same meal together.

This problem can be solved with these recipes as such a variety of ingredients and flavors can be used. It certainly is possible to please all the people all of the time!

4. They can be made by anyone

I don't have a lot of time to spend in the kitchen (and I am hardly an experienced cook( but the baked chicken recipes have been easy to make -- even for me! I've been absolutely amazed at just how easy they are to make.

It is not only the 'one pot' cooking approach that helps but it is easy to find chicken already prepared when buying it, so there's no need to spend time dicing or slicing, it's already done for you.

Even an inexperienced cook like me can follow the recipes with ease and produce impressive results.

5. They don't cost the earth

Like most people, we are trying to stay on a budget, and a major part of our budget is groceries.

Unlike fast food, baked chicken dishes cost very little. Chicken is a lot less expensive than most types of meat or fish, and the ingredients you typically add to chicken recipes are vegetables, which are an economical buy.

6. They are a big hit with the kids

The kids have really enjoyed the baked chicken meals, and it continues to surprise us how much they enjoy them. Our eldest actually has favorite baked chicken recipes that he loves and will ask for several times a week.

It truly is a miracle for us to be able to cook healthy meals that satisfy the kids, our time constraints and our budget needs.

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